Certification of Needs Document

Cover Letter PDF, 328KB Application PDF, 7.5MB Appendix A: Summary of FilingPDF, 108KB Appendix B: MPUC Order Approving Notice Plan, Granting Variance Request, and Approving Exemption PDF, 139KB Appendix C: MPUC Order Approving the Minnesota Power — Manitoba Hydro Purchased Power Agreement and Energy Exchange Agreement PDF, 525KB Appendix D: Minnesota Power — Manitoba Hydro Term Sheet PDF, 2.2MB Appendix E: Manitoba Hydro Needs For and Alternatives to (NFAT) Filing — Executive Summary PDF, 2.7MB Appendix F: Minnesota Power Letter of Intent to US Department of Energy PDF, 6.7MB Appendix G: Environmental Information PDF, 7.6MB Appendix H: Minnesota Power 2013 Advanced Forecast Report PDF, 1MB Appendix I: MISO Manitoba Hydro Wind Synergy Study Final Report PDF, 5.2MB Appendix J: Minnesota Power 2013 Resources Plan PDF, 2.1MB Appendix K: Minnesota Power CIP Triennial Filing PDF, 378KB Appendix L: Minnesota Power — Manitoba Hydro Great Northern Line Economic Impact Study PDF, 1MB Appendix M: MISO Northern Study Area PDF, 8.1MB Appendix N: Dorsey — Iron Range 500 kV Project Preliminary Stability Analysis PDF, 1.5MB Appendix O: Manitoba — United States Transmission Development Wind Injection Study PDF, 33.7MB Appendix O Part 1 PDF, 9.2MB Appendix O: Part 2 PDF, 8.2MB Appendix O Part 3 PDF, 9.1MB Appendix O: Part 4 PDF, 7.2MB Appendix P: Manitoba Hydro — US TSR Sensitivity Analysis Draft Reports PDF, 348KB Appendix Q: New Tie Line Loop Flor Impact Study PDF, 438KB Appendix R: MISO Information of Potential Generation Additionals and Retirements PDF, 605KB Summary PDF, 380KB Press Release PDF, 30KB
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